Kingdom Ayurveda Resort

Kingdom Ayurveda Resort in Dikwella, Matara | WorldWideKingdom Ayurveda Resort: a charming place where you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation in an environment of peace and beatitude.

Here at the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort you will get back your natural life cycle again. Our house is located at a beautiful white sandy beach still unspoiled and almost deserted here in the south. A walk at the beach early in the morning at sunrise is the ideal start of the day. In the neat garden, you will find the long-awaited peace and relaxation under the frangipani trees and coconut palms, home to many birds. You can hear the cheerful chirping early in the morning.

The Ayurveda center was built from natural materials of high quality supporting the detoxification process of the treatment of our long-standing therapists. Dr. Dinali and Dr. Damitha are experienced Ayurveda doctors treating each guest individually and in accordance with its constitution carefully and gentle. This treatment promises a maximum of success and leads our guests back to their own strength. Guests come back home with a refreshed body, mind and soul full of lust for life. The aim of the whole team is to offer our guests authentic Ayurveda treatments in natural and familiar atmosphere.

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