Ayurveda Shunyata Villa

Ayurveda Shunyata Villa in Induruwa, Southern Province  | WorldWideAyurveda Shunyata Villa ~ Sri Lanka is a small and exclusive Ayurveda Resort reviewed and certified by the Department of Ayurveda SL, Regd. No. No. 6.3/2/26, and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority SLTDA, Regd. No SLTDA/SQA/GH/0808.
Located in the idyllic Southwest of the island (Induruwa Beach), it offers holistic and first class Ayurveda cures in Sri Lanka.
This beautiful Ayurveda Hotel was designed with great attention to detail, and since the opening in 2004 we all follow the motto “We make a difference“:
Ayurveda Shunyata Villa experienced and highly qualified Ayurveda doctors and therapists, our Yoga and Tai chi master, our German hospitality services, our friendly and professional staff, our Ayurveda Gourmet cooks, and the professional and cordial German/Sinhalese management team.
They all do their best to make your Ayurveda cure in Sri Lanka a unique experience. They guide you to achieve your personal health goals and permanently integrate them into your daily life.

Looking back on 10 years of experience, we can say that the vision of the founders and owners of Ayurveda Shunyata Villa, Maria and Jürgen Neurohr, has come true. They have succeeded in creating an exclusive Ayurveda Resort where you can discover “true being” and where you can heal. We invite you to personally experience our competent and loving service in all areas during your Ayurveda cure and to let yourself be pampered.

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