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Sanjeevani Naturopathy Centre

Sanjeevani Naturopathy Centre – the nature cure sanatorium established in 1989 by Sri: C R R VARMA popularly known as ‘ varmaji ‘.
The nature cure sanatorium – SANJEEVANI – is situated at Peramangalam village (Thrissur – Guruvayoor Road), 10KM away from the cultural capital town of Kerala, Thrissur. It is the first co operative venture in the state of Kerala, situated in the area of 5 acres of land functioning under the auspice of Thrissur District Nature cure co –operative Sanatorium. Eco friendly duplex type of cottages are provided for the patients to live in. A portion of land is utilized for growing medicinal plants, fruit plants with the advice of KFRI ( Kerala Forest Research Institute ) and the rest for the agricultural purposes.

Why Naturopathy ?
Nature cure is the science of life, which deals with the care of the organism in a state of disease. The treatment includes measures such as proper dieting, administration of herbal juice, fasting, rest and relaxation, exercise, pranayama, sunbath, hydropathy, mud therapy etc.. There is no place in the science for drugs of any kind which ultimately endanger health. Non violence to human body is accepted as the basic principle governing the application of Nature cure measures.

Sanjeevani Naturopathy Centre in Thrissur, Kerala | NATURE CURE
The human being is a triple unity of body, mind, spirit. The spirit being the power that is activating both body and mind. The science of Natural therapeutics is based on the use of five elements (PANCHA BOOTHA) which constitute the human body.

The 5 Elements are:-
AKASH (ether ,space)
VAYU (Air)
THEJAS (fire)
APAS (water)
PRITHVI (earth)

Sanjeevani Naturopathy Centre is Treatments Like as Mud Therapy, Helio Therapy, Massage Therapy, ElectroTherapy, Hydro Therapy, Diet Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology etc . . .

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