Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre

Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre in Hikkaduwa | WorldWideSandagiri Ayurveda Centre is one of the best locations for Ayurveda treatments in Hikkaduwa. We perform our therapies in a unique and luxurious environment. We guarantee that you will be able to have a most relaxing experience while enjoying our systematic Ayurveda treatments.

Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre are experts in providing tailor-made custom Ayurveda Treatments that uniquely suits the condition of your body and mind. We provide special therapy programmes for detoxification, de-stressing, cleansing, deep-relaxation, weight control, rejuvenation (anti-aging), and general well-being.

Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre traditional Panchakarma Ayurveda treatments are carried out by experienced therapists under the close inspection of specialist doctors.
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with all our Ayurvedic Treatments. We promise you that you can’t find a better place for Ayurveda treatments in Hikkaduwa.

The Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre offers the best Ayurveda experience in Hikkaduwa. At Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre you can receive healthy and relaxing Ayurvedic treatments to suit various conditions of your body. We can guarantee that we are able to deliver you with the best Ayurvedic care available in Hikkaduwa.

Prior to the start of the treatment sessions, you will be examined by our Ayurveda doctors and your health condition will be analyzed and discussed. Afterwards, we will offer you a series of therapy treatments for you to choose from, that suits your personal health condition. If you need any medical assistance, you can also consult our Ayurvedic specialist doctors.

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Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre in Hikkaduwa