Samadhi Ayurveda AG, Herr Frank Kraushaar in Hochdorf

Samadhi Ayurveda AG, Herr Frank Kraushaar in Hochdorf, Switzerland | WorldWideSince the summer of 2010, our practice for natural medicine has been in Hochdorf.

Samadhi Ayurveda AG already have over 2,500 patients who rely on our consultation and analysis, and we are getting more and more every day!

You can also register for a consultation and convince yourself of the holistic and natural medicine that our dipl. Curative practitioner and naturalist,
Frank Kraushaar.

Samadhi Ayurveda AG – Services

Samadhi Ayurveda AG, Herr Frank Kraushaar in Hochdorf, Switzerland | WorldWide

We offer you medical care from person to person.

Samadhi Ayurveda AG services Analysis + Consulting:

  • original traditional Chinese acupuncture and medicine
  • Electro-Accupuncture / VIS-INFLUERA / Pain therapy (exclusive canton of Lucerne)
  • cupping
  • classical massage therapy
  • Physiognomy, morphology
  • original Vedic medicine

Samadhi Ayurveda AG services Products:

  • Ayurvedic products
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Food, water
  • Products for the control of electrosmog
  • Products for water treatment
  • Bali figures
  • Salt Crystal Lamps
  • Sports articles / clothing

The Official Site of Samadhi Ayurveda AG, Herr Frank Kraushaar is Located at Hohenrainstrasse 65, 6280 Hochdorf, Switzerland

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