Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC)

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) in California | WorldWideSacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC), founded in 2005, now with three California-licensed primary care Naturopathic Doctors on staff, has been the most trusted, and the premier leader of providing compassionate, effective natural/holistic health care (not just disease care) and wellness support in the greater Sacramento area! The entire staff of SNMC seeks to build lasting relationships with every person who walks in the door, attempting to always “walk a mile or more in their shoes,” and provide hope and inspiration along the journey to health transformation.

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) mission is to help patients get to their healthiest self by treating the whole person—emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, and mentally, more than merely treating symptoms.

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) believe the key to a quality life and lasting wellness is to treat the root cause of dis-ease! The choice to thrive versus survive is not only possible, but highly obtainable with naturopathic medicine and compassionate doctors. It’s time to choose a better future—choose health first!

Dr. Godby, Dr. Ethelbah, and Dr. Ray are a medical team of Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) – the only specialty of California-licensed primary care doctors formally trained in both mainstream and natural medicine.

The Official Site of Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) is

Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) Address as 2530 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA.

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