Red Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure

Red Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure in Hyderabad | WorldWideRed Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure (RCIYNC) is an offshoot of the Indian Red Cross Society of Andhra Pradesh State Branch of which His Excellency the Governor of Andhra Pradesh is the President. This Institute has started in 1994 and providing quality services in Yoga and Naturopathy. A Non-Governmental and Non-Profit organization, has earned the recognition of the people for the dedicated services by treating various types of diseases through Yoga and Naturopathy.

Red Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure in Naturopathy
Naturopathy is a multi-disciplinary treatment system that uses natural resources to help the human body heal itself. Naturopathy underlines the importance of three vital aspects, namely diet, Yoga and treatments, Naturopathy is not an assortment of inflexible laws, in fact it is a holistic system of medicine emphasizing change in lifestyle. Prevention and treatment of disease in Naturopathy is preceded by a detailed consultation followed by prescription of a wide range of remedies, many of which must be integrated into individual’s lifestyle for lasting health.

Red Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure in Yoga
Yoga helps to change the lifestyle of the practitioner. Yoga is a definite and precise breakthrough in prevention and treatment of various diseases. It has to be cultural and incorporated in our daily lives and to be accepted as an essential ingredient and as an integral part of our routine and life pattern.

Yoga is not merely an exercise but also helps in healing various ailments through our natural built in “Healing System” capable of fighting off disease, combating infection and bringing us greater energy, vitality and well-being, which allows all our other systems to function with brilliant precision. Our healing system is the organizing force through which all our body systems function with a deep intelligence and miraculous sense of balance and wholeness.

Click here to visit of Red Cross Institute of Yoga and nature cure at located LV Prasad Marg, Park View Enclave, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034. official website.

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Red Cross Institute of Yoga and Nature Cure in Hyderabad (RCIYNC)