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Prathyasha Nature Cure Center in Kannur | WorldWidePrathyasha Nature Cure center was established on June 15th, 2002 in Therthally, a hilly remote village of Kannur district, Kerala state, South India. Dr.M.V Sukumaran DNYS, DO presently manages the centre and the Chief Physician. The secret of our unprecedented success is the service oriented, friendly and committed staff members available at your service 24X7 in a homely environment. Our Centre is situated in a beautiful place with silent atmosphere.

The motto of our institution is to propagate the science of pure Naturopathic treatment otherwise known as “Natural Hygiene” or “Orthopathy”. Of late we are witnessing unscientific treatments being practiced and propagated as Naturopathy. The Human body is a self-healing machine. It also purifies the mind, enabling it to function at its maximum potential. It is not only a system of healing but also a way of life.

Prathyasha Nature Cure Center – AIMS AND OBJECTS
  • To convey the message of Orthopathy, Scientific approach of Naturopathy to society
  • To convey the message to the people regarding the method of Naturopathic treatment as it was practised by Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Our Nation
  • To prepare and build a nation without having the influence of poisonous medicines and chemicals
  • To render maximum help to the poor and needy patients in the society by providing low cost health care interventions
  • To dedicate the service to the needy and the poor accepting that the motto of service to humanity is divine and it is equal to service to God

Click here to visit of Prathyasha Nature Cure Center Located as Therthally, Kerala, Poyil – Moolothumkunnu Rd, Kannur, Kerala 670571, official website.

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Prathyasha Nature Cure Center in Kannur