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navjivan nature cure centre at bhuj, Gujarat | WorldWidenavjivan nature cure centre in bhuj, Gujarat, Naturopathy has been a powerful curative tool, which helps to fight disease and attain health from within.

Wife of Shri Ramnik Chhadva (Mrs. Maniben R Chhadva) suffered from arthritis, and he did everything to get this problem cured, but unfortunately did not succeeded. After meeting specialist doctors and trying alternative medicine his wife and he were not satisfied with the results. His search for cure led him to naturopathy hospital in Bhuj. Their level of satisfaction increased when they felt the simplicity of natural therapies and its unique advantage of “no painful rituals” and “no side effects” with tremendous curing effect.

After acquiring the trust in naturopathy, he and his wife opted to make this the way of living. He took over this nature cure centre from Bhuj and relocated in amidst of natural beauty some 34 kms away from city hurdles. Devotion & Dedication to this nature cure centre has always been a top priority for Shri Ramnik Chhadva; he himself leads and ensures his guest at the centre to follow the principles of naturopathy for simple & relieved life.

navjivan nature cure centre takes great cure in serving a selection of the finest, freshest, healthiest food – buffet style. navjivan nature cure centre method of meal preparation preserves the natural biological energy sources of all ingredients. Each patient follows an individual diet program that is strictly monitored by the Kitchen Manager. Therefore, you may see others eating or drinking something not on the buffet. If you have any questions or comments about your meals, please consult the Kitchen Manager during mealtime in the Dining Hall. When you go off-site and plan to be late for or miss a meal, please inform the Kitchen Manager in advance.

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~ navjivan nature cure centre in Bhuj~