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Natural Healing Centre Ltd at Worcester WR1 2RA, UK | WorldWideWhat is Reiki ?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese roots “Rei” which means “Spirit” or “Soul” and “Ki” which means “Energy that is originally connected to a sense of air or atmosphere that pervades and surrounds”.

Natural Healing Centre Ltd Treatment Method

The therapies that we use for treating are Reiki, Pranic and Sujok. Whereas, for self-treatment, we teach Reiki. The reason for this is that Pranic is more technical as compared to the relatively straight-forward Reiki. Apart from this, we also give Sujok treatment, impart basic knowledge about Pranayam.

Sonal Shah

Educational Qualifications: B. Com. + L.L.B.
Alternative Therapies: Traditional Reiki Grand Master, Advanced Pranic Healer, Sujok Healer, Psychological Support
Mission Statement: To optimally use the wonderful therapies bestowed upon us by nature for the betterment of mankind. Our goal is to rekindle the spirit of unconditional love and support, and in the process, not only help in healing, but also drastically improving the quality of life of the receiver.

Nimish Shah

Qualifications and Profile: B. Sc. + D.T.C (Textile Engineer). 
Alternative Therapies: 
Traditional Reiki Grand Master, Advanced Pranic Healer, Sujok Healer
Mission Statement: 
To spread the awareness of the alternative therapies in their actual scientific form, and remove misconceptions about them. Our goal also includes spreading the “true knowledge” and helping people treat their ailments with “0” Side-Effects and nominal cost.

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