Life Ayurveda Resort

Life Ayurveda Resort in Wadduwa | Best Nature Cure | Ayurvedic Centre | WorldWideLife Ayurveda Resort Location: 

Experience a holiday with a unique difference at the Life Ayurveda Resort, nestled amongst palm fringed beach of Thalpitiya, Wadduwa on the south-west coast of the island of Sri Lanka. The hotel is approximately 60 km from the international airport and 35 km from the capital city of Colombo. Here you will find limitless opportunities to enjoy life with all your senses. It`s a perfect place to pamper your body.

Life Ayurveda Resort: 

Life Ayurveda Resort is situated amidst a coconut palm garden, is a great hideaway catering for Ayurveda clientele only. The day starts early and ends early – not for the average holidaymaker. Very few establishments are this serious about Ayurveda. The hotel comprises with two main buildings with Ayurveda center and right on the sandy beach of Thalpitiya, Wadduwa. The landscaped garden is quiet and peaceful making it stress free and an ideal place to relax. The delights of Wadduwa are nearby with plentiful restaurants, water sports activities, temples and Shop.

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