Laluna Ayurveda Resort

Laluna Ayurveda Resort in Aluthgama - Kalutara | WorldWideLaluna Ayurveda Resort is very special Sri Lanka Resort. Where birds sing on your balcony pillars as if they were trees, swifts nest in the corners of corridors as if they were cliffs, granite crags erupt into the sinuous white walkways. Welcome to Laluna Ayurveda Resort.

Laluna Ayurveda Resort Consultation
An Ayurveda Doctor will examine the guest on arrival and a welcome treatment in the form of an Ayurveda Therapy to relax the feet will be given. This is called “Pada Avagahana”or Foot in Oil Bath and “Pada Abhyanga” or Foot Massage.

Laluna Ayurveda Resort Ayurvedic Treatments
Laluna Ayurveda resort dedicated to practice Authentic Ayurveda. The Resort is homely and friendly, and is exclusive for Ayurveda guests. The total atmosphere at the resort is created to be conducive for Ayurveda way of living.

Laluna Ayurveda Resort Herbal Tea & Food
We offer dishes are tailored to meet all doshas, whether you are vata, pitta or kapha, or any combination of these. first welcome from herbal tea, and then we offered assorted steamed fish and fresh fruit salad served with goraka dressing might be followed by fish and corn soup

Laluna Ayurveda Resort is a pretty nice place to stay in down south while you are traveling Sri Lanka. its situated in a lagoon so it has its own beauty and amazing view. This location really helps our guest to relax their mind and soul while they have the Ayurveda treatments. come and enjoy !!!

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Click here to visit of Laluna Ayurveda Resort Located in 06, Kaluwamodara, Aluthgama 80500, Sri Lanka, official website.

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