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Jeevandham Wellness Centre: As we approach the new era, new health care initiative are emerging which are sustainable and affordable with long term benefits. Jeevandham Wellness Centre health care system needs prevention-oriented and low-cost primary care that’s effective for chronic illness and rehabilitation.

Nature Cure, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda are the age old holistic systems of therapies for improving the physical, mental and spiritual strength of Human Life. These drugless, non-invasive and without any side effect treatments, are both preventive and curative. Also, this process of healing is recommended by WHO for the promotion of positive health.

To live healthy and peaceful in the midst of a busy and challenging life requires shifting your awareness close to Nature, moving inwards to yourSelf and setting the rhythm of life in the right direction – This is the art and science of Naturopathy & Yoga.

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