Indo German Natural Health Center in New Delhi | WorldWideAt the Indo German Natural Health Center all treatments and therapies focus on the actual root causes of health issues. We enable, strength & restore your natural healing powers that are present even in the most chronically ill cells! Once this is intact your body will be healthy & strong, which often takes less time to achieve than what many believe to be possible.
We design a specific therapy as per your requirements; with treatments as per Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Yoga & always provide you a special diet.
With this approach most ailments, even chronic diseases can be improved and often cured! To achieve this is the Expertise of Dr. Krishna Maurya and his team.

Indo-German Natural Health Center Dr. Krishna Maurya (B.N.Y.S.) & his team are specialised in improving/curing chronic health conditions, including Diabetes, Arthritis, Varicose Veins, IBS, Crone’s Disease, Psoriasis and Immunity Deficiencies, besides others. We also provide highly effective Weight Loss Therapies, even for individuals who cannot exercise; natural Detoxification (also for specific disease prevention) & Immunity Boost & Rejuvenation Therapies. All treatments include an individual diet which is provided by our in-house, Naturopathy trained cook.

The treatments & therapies applied at the Indo-German Natural Health Center focus on root cause of health issues and help restore the natural balance. Once self-healing and internal self-regulatory powers are enabled, your body will be healthy & strong. It often takes less time to get positive results than many would think possible.

Indo German Natural Health Center
Phone: 011 26564033
Email: [email protected]

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