Department Of Ayurveda
Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine

Department of Ayurveda is established under the enactment of Ayurveda act, No. 31 of 1961. A Commissioner appointed under the Act, for development of Ayurvedic medicine. The Commissioner for Ayurveda is responsible for the supervision and administrative control of the Department.

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Department of Ayurveda in Ayurvedic Medical Council, Ayurveda Education and Hospital Board, Ayurvedic Research Committee, Formulae Committee.

Department of Ayurveda is subjects to the direction and control of the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine. Ministry of Indigenous Medicine was created on 14th of February 1980. Ministry were assigned the supervision and execution of policy in respect of institutions, subjects and functions categorized under “Ayurvedic Medical Services”
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Medicine of Ayurveda – According to Section 89 of Acc No. 31 of 1961.”Ayurveda Includes the sidda and Unani and Deshiya Chikitsa systems of medicine and surgery and any other system of medicine indigenous to Asian countries and recognized as such by their respective governments…”. in Siddha, Unani, Deshiya Chikitsa, PARAMPARIKA (TRADITIONAL) PHYSICIANS.

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Department of Ayurveda – Kosgama – Sri Lanka

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