Dalmanuta Gardens in Bentota

Dalmanuta Gardens in Bentota Sri Lanka | WorldWideDalmanuta Gardens is a small personal hotel with nine spacious bungalows.

Dalmanuta Gardens offers a first class Ayurveda treatment without being dogmatic. Pancha Karma, detox purification, weight loss- and palliative treatments are offered as well as a wide range of massage treatments.

There is a free boat service for guests twice a day from Dalmanuta to the beach.

In the large garden one can find many different wild animals such as Monkeys, Varanasi Iguanas, Squirrels, Mungo’s and a big variety of exotic birds.

Dalmanuta Gardens features a rare Herbal Garden with more than 200 different kinds of Herbal medicine plants.

Free Wi Fi covers the entire area.

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Click here to visit of Dalmanuta Gardens Located in 21 Meegama Road, Warapitiya, Bentota River, Bentota, Sri Lanka 80500, Sri Lanka, official website.

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