Chiropractic: An Alternate Medicine Form to Treat Back Pain and Headaches

The term ‘chiropractic’ combines the Greek words ‘cheir’ (hand) and ‘praxis’ (practice) to describe a treatment done by hand. Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses mainly on the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractic services are often used to treat neuro musculoskeletal complaints, includingback pain, neck pain, joint pain and headaches. The practitioners might use a variety of treatments but they primarily perform adjustments to the spine or other parts of the body with the goal of correcting alignment problems, diminishing pain, improving functionality and supporting the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Research studies show that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are both safe and effective. The evidence strongly supports the natural and cost effective approach of chiropractic services. They are included in most health insurance plans, including major medical plans, worker’s compensation medicare among others.Chiropractic is used extensively by amateur and professional athletes to prevent and treat injuries as well as achieve optimal health and functioning.

Although chiropractic has an excellent safety record, no health treatment is completely free of some side effects. The risks associated with chiropractic, however, are very minor. Like many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness or aching, just as they do after some forms of exercise.

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Chiropractic - An Alternate Medicine Form to Treat Back Pain and Headaches | WorldWide

The Treatment

During the initial visit, chiropractors first take a health history and perform a physical examination, with major emphasis on the spine. Other examinations or tests such as x-rays are also performed, following which a treatment plan is devised if necessary.Different types of adjustment therapies are used during the follow up visits.

A chiropractic adjustment mainly involves the spine and is done by using the hands or a device to apply a controlled, rapid force to a joint. Gradually the range and quality of motion in the area being treated is increased to aid in restoring health. Chiropractors may combine the use of spinal adjustments with other treatments, including general exercise, diet and weight loss regime, and dietary supplements.

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Chiropractic - An Alternate Medicine Form to Treat Back Pain and Headaches | WorldWide

Benefits of Chiropractic

The number one benefit of this alternate form of medicine is that it involves no drug or surgery. It may involve electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage, but no pharmaceutical drugs. Chiropractic is a natural method of healing that helps the body to work more effectively and coordinate with the various functions of the cells and organs of the body.A detailed evaluation process is carried out before the treatment which includes consultation, case history, physical examination, laboratory analysis and X-ray examination. Moreover, the treatment also collaborates with other healthcare treatments if required.


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