Balavi Natural Health Center

Balavi Natural Health Center in Bangkok - Thailand | WorldWideInside the Balavi Natural Healing Center The service is divided into 5 sections: natural clinic, health center, health kitchen, health store, body and mind. Organize health activities. It offers a wide variety of services to the general public and its members, as well as special events to be held on various occasions.

Balavi Natural Health Center :: Alternative Medicine Clinic

Balavi Natural Health Center Provides food counseling, acupuncture, vitamins, dietary control, gardening, colon hydrotherapy, etc.

Balavi Natural Health Center :: Health Center

Balavi Natural Health Center a health service center. Fitness equipment for aerobics And muscle building in general. The Center also has Western and Eastern activities that are beneficial to the physical and mental conditions. It is open for the public as well, such as hydro aerobics, yoga, qigong, herbal steam, sun bath, oil massage, exercise during pregnancy. Hot and cold sauna

Balavi Natural Health Center :: Healthy Kitchen

For the health of consumers. The Balawi Natural Healing Center The food is clean and hygienic. For a healthy and sustainable. Open Monday – Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Closed every Wednesday. (Closed for food orders 16:00).

Balavi Natural Health Center :: Health and body shop

Health store with mind It is a health center of the Healing Center. There are many products such as organic food, fruits, vegetables, condiments. Along with various health books

Balavi Natural Health Center :: Special activity

It is a practical activity that educates health promotion and self-healing.

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Click here to visit of Balavi Natural Health Center Located in 191/3 Rama 5 Road Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok 10300, Thailand, official website.

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